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Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

Megan Epler Wood, international sustainable development and ecotourism expert from Burlington, Vermont, USA is giving 2 major addresses on ecotourism at PRITHVI 2005 on February 24 and 25th 2005 in Thiruvananthapuram, capital of Kerala the legendary Malabar in India. PRITHVI 2005 is a global eco-meet to bring together diverse players from across the world to establish an international network for sharing of knowledge on ecofriendly products, technologies and initiatives. This meet aims at evolving new partnerships for a sustainable life.

Epler Wood will keynote the ecotourism program with a speech on Ecotourism, Principles, Practices and Policies on February 24th. On February 25th, she will officially launch the new 2005 publication Ecolodges: Exploring Opportunities for Sustainable Business in India which resulted in part from original research by her firm EplerWood International for the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank.

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2005 Banff Mountain Summit - Cultures at Risk

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I thought I would share some information about this upcoming event. Before I make myself out as a shameless self-promoter :wink: cultural tourism is increasing in popularity, and I this event may be of interest to those Planeta supporters with an interest in that topic.

Thanks all!

Amy Krause.
Mountain Culture, The Banff Centre


2005 Banff Mountain Summit - Cultures at Risk
August 19

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2005 Banff Mountain Summit - Cultures at Risk

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The 2005 Banff Mountain Summit - Cultures at Risk - was a great success! We had nearly sold out
crowds for many of the events and good feedback from performers and speakers.

For a look at what happened during the 2005 Summit, check out the website here: ... efault.htm

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20th Annual Educational Travel Conference -- February 21-24,

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Hi all,

I have been invited to speak at the above event on a panel moderated by Ron Mader. I plan to try to promote a discussion about how we can all make travel in general more responsible and what individual travel companies large and small can do to play their part. I would love to see fellow Planeta Forum members there or hear from you in advance if you have anything you would like addressed at this session.

Best regards


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WTM 2006 invitation

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Dear Ron, responsible operators and travelers,

We will be in London for the World Travel Market at the Ecuador stand LA 3300 next month and will be introducing our TWO NEW OUTSTANDING JOURNEYS for the responsible and socially aware traveler: Galapagos...the path less travelled and, our new venture with the Huaorani community: the Huao Ecovillage tented camp.

More details here:

Warm regards,

Tropic Team

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World Travel Mart Question

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For those who attended World Travel Mart, what were your impressions? Observations and comments are welcome as a reply to this topic.

ELSEWHERE ON THE WEB -- TravelMole is conducting a poll: World Travel Market - Worth the trip?

Current stats:
NO 41.63 %
YES 58.37 % ... oll_id=197

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WTM and FCCA review

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Hello all,

I attended both the FCCA conference in Grand Cayman and the WTM in London last month. I thought both were very much worth my while.
The FCCA caters mainly to the cruise ship industry in the Caribbean, and it is an excellent way to meet key people in the various sectors, from shore excursions to purchasing. It was very well attended and allowed everyone to mingle with decision makers. It also had excellent conferences which dealt with different topics. I attended the shore excursions ones and gathered a wealth of knowledge as to what is wanted, needed and required. The panel consisted of key people from a number of cruise lines. Anyone wanting to gain more business from the cruise ships really should try attending this event. The next one is going to be held in Mexico next year.
it was also my first time at the WTM in London. This was a real eye opener for me as I saw the extent of our competition world wide. The choice clients have to choose from really shows that ones product has to be at its very best and then some! As it was my first year did not have a many meetings set up as I could of and I feel I will be better organized next time. The overall interest in our St. Lucia booth was encouraging and most people wanted more info on our tours. Again anyone wanting to increase sales should showcase their products at this event.

Chris Hackshaw