Interpretive Program Development

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GIS example

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Hola Rod, yes, I would love an example via mail Thank you for all the trouble and your time.

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Week #2 Synopsis

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In Week #2 of the Interpretive Program Development topic, we saw some more specifics on various interpretive tools and tricks of the trade. Remember, there are just a few more days left to participate!

George Duffy felt that geo-caching holds much potential as an interpretive tool and destination magnet, with many hikers using a GPS unit for aid in orientation. He maintained that a good guide is one of the most crowd-pleasing features of any travel experience, but that guides are generally poorly paid and underappreciated until after the fact. He posed that maybe we need to start nature guide critics like restaurant critics or movie critics to create demand for good guides.

Jeremy Garrett questioned whether consumers or outbound tour operators will pay more for guiding services, and wondered who offers the best guide training programs.

Theresa Southam spoke of guides who are servicing wealthy individuals by building personalized experiences for them, their familes and their companies. This type of service is well-paid and engaging since it is different every time. The North American Association for Environmental Education provides good guide training.

George Duffy confirmed that good guides can simply demand and get more money from clients, or shop their services around. He felt it was reasonable to expect that people will pay more for great guides, citing expensive tours hosted by some perceived expert (e.g. local celebrity food critic who has gotten into guiding international tours). If an inbound operator positions itself as having the best guides, and delivers the goods, they could command more money from their outbound colleagues who buy their services, and vice versa

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Interpreter training for communities

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