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I too am sorry to see the end of this conference. There has been a lot of good discussion, although not enough people have been participating. There are some thorny issues and areas of disagreement where further discussion and debate are needed. However there are areas of agreement. The point is we can all continually learn from each other as we operate in our respective areas of expertise and geographic influence.

I would like to make a number of concluding recommendations:
1. Ecotourism is a good concept and we do need to work to minimize the mis-use and abuse of the term through education and by example. We all need to work towards pushing the envelope with regards to the principles of ecotourism including:
o Making a smaller ecological footprint with new tourism development
o Ensure more and more benefits go to local communities and local people
o Work to protect cultural integrity of indigenous cultures
o Educate tourists about how they can make more sustainable choices and become more socially and environmentally conscious in their lives and travels

2. We should work to showcase best practice models