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Mary Finn
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Introduction - Mary Finn

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Hello All,

I have worked with different community groups in Ecuador in community-based ecotourism and sustainable development; the primary emphasis (at least during startup phase) in these has been the use of paying volunteer programs, with projects in education, reforesting, crafts, etc. I

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Dear Lucy, having seen your request, I would suggest you get some information on that topic of EQUATIONS in India, they have been doing research on Gender and Tourism. You might also want to check on our website
Cheers, Julia from the ECOT (

Marcus Bauer
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Tourism Processes and Gender Relations

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Dear Lucy,
the following paper might have answers to the questions you have raised.

Tourism Processes and Gender Relations

Full title: Tourism Processes and Gender Relations - Issues for Exploration and Intervention

Author: Indra Munshi, University of Mumbai, Dept. of Sociology
Year: 2006
Published in: Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. XLI, No. 42, Oct. 21, 2006

Link: (registered users only)

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New Statesman

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Recommended reading

A false economy? - Daniel Stacey/New Statesman
Afterwards, at a party held at the house of a local father of one, the young men of the village make increasingly bold advances towards female volunteers, until one of the girls is accidentally thrown through a bedroom doorway to the floor - and people eventually decide to leave.

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