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This was more of a personal statement than one of any great conceptual depth.

If we are talking specifically about web content, then it is the information that we share, link to, and (co)create through our interaction. Of course, this content is available in several mediums, and could be as simple as a message sent through a statement, but it is the message that interests me most, rather than the way it is expressed or dispersed.

The engagement refers to the interaction, and this is where much of the emphasis is with many social media platforms. This is great for some, but not all uses, and I often see institutions struggle with this by not bringing the focus back to the content, the message, the story.

For Museums, this is what it is all about, content. Even with UGC initiatives, it is about the narratives that are told through the interaction and engagement with our audiences and our collections. And we do this in several ways: through exhibitions, obviously, through events programming, through education programme delivery, and now, through our web and new media development.

I find these same things a struggle, Ron, but hopefully with endeavours like Planeta and OurSpace we will see a shift.

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Greetings, Adan

Any news to add to our conversation?

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