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I wanted to post some interesting follow-up discussions that have been happening outside of this forum. This project is basically an effort to identify win-win cases where the design, planning and construction of resorts (individually or as part of a destination development master plan and implementation) can be linked to the establishment of additional protected areas (public or private), or to setting up mutually beneficial relations with existing parks. More and more, protected areas are becoming a real estate and facility development "insurance" and value-added strategy.

The concept hinges on the fact that there is real estate valuation by establishing protected areas: through creating value in landscapes and "insurance" against degradation by more impacting developments. This is the idea used very profitably by Land Development Trusts like in Eastern Maryland (,html) and the Chesapeake Bay ( in the US. If well planned, and proactively designed with private investors, parks actually make money in real estate - and any tourism investment at the level of a resort is, invariably, also a real estate investment (often, in fact, it is the main reason for investors - the hotel aspect of it, for many investors, is simply a way of covering maintenance costs and a lever to sell condos and housing/commercial property around the hotel while waiting for the land to value enough to sell it off: the famous BOT, build-operate-transfer, strategy).

We are betting on a kind of tourism investment/conservation easements - the site has some interesting data. Investors want the valuation, and protection from the degradation of their assets, and protection from competition. Establishing a park and managing it well can do all of them. Win-win, simple as that.

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comment on the project proposal

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coming from mid Europe, I missed one area where the tourism potential and biodiversity values are high: the Carpathians. I know WWF running a project called Carpathian Opportunity, which supposed to have a strong tourism element as well (in case of real interest I can provide contacts).
I liked the proposal, but suggest to include a quick assessment of existing good and bad case studies. An area where property development went quite bad and against conservation interest is the Pirin National Park of Bulgaria. Therefore such cases must be studies well, and lessons learned adopted in new projects.

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Lessons learnt

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Dear Zoltan,

Thank you for valuable insights here too.

The WWF project seems interesting and if indeed it entails a tourism element, we would appreciate receiving contact information about the Carpathian Opportunity.

As for the

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