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Introductions please!

Please introduce yourself and your professional interest in indigenous people and tourism. We welcome indigenous people working in tourism as well as tourism professionals working with indigenous communities and operators.

Our only request is that you keep messages short (less than 250 words) and that you respect the forum guidelines

Kathleen Cox
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Hello to all,
My name is Kathleen Cox and I am an Aboriginal woman from Western Australia WA, Australia. I grew up in an Aboriginal mission as part of the stolen generation era by the Australian Government.

Today, I have gone back to my great great grandmothers country (maternal) and now am running a small private Eco Tourism business with my family. Check us out on

Every year in WA, there is an Aboriginal Indigenous Tourism Conference where all Indigenous tourism operators from around Australia attend and network. We have established a strong network amongst ourselves and relevant tourism industry bodies as well. We have the "Indigenous Experience" product that is well sought after nationally and internationally. Details

Our country is looking after us and providing for us where we can share our culture and heritage to all whilst caring for country at the same time.

Rick MacLeod Farley
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Greetings from Canada!

My name is Rick MacLeod Farley. I am a development economist with seventeen years experience with Aboriginal ecotourism, heritage tourism and community economic development.

I am non-native of Irish and French ancestry. From 1990 to 1994 I worked as a regional economic coordinator for the Crees with Mushkegowuk Council. Since then, I have operated a small consulting firm. We had an extensive role in the award winning Cree Village Ecolodge (, and have just been re-hired there to help with desired improvements. Other projects include Washow Lodge (opening 2008), Kamestatin Lodge for the Innu in Labrador, and a proposed Timiskaming Algonquin Village in Quebec.


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Hello All
My name is Lois Peeler I am the current Chairperson of Aboriginal Tourism Australia (ATA) -- -- an industry organisation formed by Indigenous tourism operators. ATA draws on its national membership to provide leadership and a focus for the development of Indigenous tourism, consistent with Indigenous economic, cultural and environmental values. ATA promotes cultural integrity and authenticity across the tourism industry and provides education on Indigenous protocols to the broader tourism industry. ATA programs aim to lift capability across the Indigenous tourism sector to ensure it is in the best position to capitalise on increasing demand for Indigenous cultural tourism experiences through the provision of high quality product and services that are authentic and culturally and environmentally sensitive. We hold an annual Business Development Symposium and Corroboree Indigenous Tourism Expo the next event will be held in December 2008. We hope to see some of our Indigenous brothers and sisters from the global community attend. I look forward to the opportunity to exchange views with you all on issues unique to Indigenous peoples including cultural heritage, protocols, authenticity and other matters.

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