How can tourism be used to alleviate poverty?

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How can tourism be used to alleviate poverty?

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How can tourism be used to alleviate poverty? -- This question will be reviewed in the Ethical Travel Dialogue conducted online June 13-July 21, 2006.

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Poverty Alleviation and Tourism

Communities, Tourism and Poverty Alleviation in Africa

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using supply chains

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I just came back from Morocco, presenting in a conference from the WTO on sustainable tourism as a tool for poverty eradication. Most case studies from throughout Africa spoke of large sums being used to develop pilot projects in the most rural, often inaccessible places. At the same time, Morocco has a plan to build 170.000 new beds in coastal resorts in the next three years, and all the concessions except one have gone to foreign developers. I was asked to speak of how hotels can use their supply chains to promote jobs that can contribute to poverty alleviation. You might not like me for having been there, but the thing is that the conference organisers cannot change the practices of the Moroccan government either. The thing is that these large hotels will be built anyhow, and anything we can do to organise local communities to provide the products for these hotels should surely be better than further economic leakages from importing goods. In a survey I just did in Colombia, over 80% of products were national, although the trend is to import more. My job was to help these hotels to develop action plans to create local jobs that contribute to poverty alleviation. In the three days I was there, did I make a difference? I hope I energised some people, and I am still in touch with them.

By the way Egypt is planning 300.000 new beds in the next three years too, while also having a token ecotourism budget using USAID funds. Most of North Africa plans to grow by building all inclusives, if they are perceived to be sufficiently stable politically.

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some basic prerequisites

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